How to Choose an Antique Rug

Antique carpets and rugs  have artistic designs which may be now made by machines but machined designs are not able to look as artistic as hand woven designs can. Traditional hand made rug is still loved to be used although machine made rugs are being produced now a days. Hand woven rugs are very costly. Normally their cost is characterized by their age. Iran is best known for its rugs and carpets but it is not the only country to make so traditional designs. Turkey is one of the country which produce high quality carpets and rugs. But most of the antique rugs and carpets have Iranian origin.

Rugs which are made now days are not of very high quality as many sorts of artificial material are used to make these rugs. Many type of wool was used to make antique rugs. These rugs are made up of wool but now machined rugs are made up of many types of synthetic fibers or cotton is used to make these rugs. Wool is very costly in the recent competitive environment which is to be faced by the industrialists.

Some of the American Hooked Rugs are very expensive as silk was used to made them. Silk made rugs can dates back to hundreds of years. Now silk rugs are not made as silk is very much costly. Silk made rugs can be obtained in good condition as silky threads are non breakable even after a long time of usage. On the other hand wool made rugs cannot remain in good condition after a long period of usage. In ancient times silk rugs were used as floor coverings but in recent time as they are very rare so they are only used as wall hangings.

As a high amount of money is spent to buy antique rugs so it is wise to check the condition of these rugs before buying them as it is the long term investment to have a costly rug. Antique rug should be checked from its back side to know about its condition. Never be confused by very smooth wool made rugs which looks like silk as this type of rugs become stiff after the long term of usage. Another hint which can be proved fruit full in case of identifying the antique rug is the appearance of its knots. Pick out the knot with the help of a pointed pin. If it curls up very quickly it means rug is very old. Some bad conditioned antique rugs can be presented to sell after repair. These repaired rugs can be identified as these rugs feel very rough. Some of the antique rugs are re painted to restore their traditional and artistic looks but these rugs are not to be bought. Although they are antique but not to be bought as they are repaired. Paint can be checked by comparing the upper and lower side of the rug as they may differ from one another.

So by using the techniques which are mentioned above real antique  rugs with high quality can be found.