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Bed Bugs Exterminator Bronx is one of the well known pest eradication company specialized in bed bugs. Till recently bed bugs were found only in low income houses with congested population but now bed bugs are found even in high society houses and even in star hotels. This is due to increased international travel and infested unchecked baggages. Banning of strong pesticides like DDT is also a major cause for the rise in bed bugs. Banning of strong pesticides and the introduction of non traditional methods in treatment made Bed Bugs Exterminator NYC adopt a scientific method called integrated pest management which uses eco friendly methods in treating bed bugs.

Integrated Pest Management solutions involve three basic steps like assessment, implementation and monitoring. We are the only exclusive company having separate wings for each functions headed by professionals. The assessment team observes the infested area and advice the implementation experts to what extend the pesticides are to be used and how it has to be used. The monitoring team vacuums the entire area after the treatment and closely watches the area throughout the year to study the effects of the treatment. We allow the customer to participate in the treatment process and monitoring so that they get first hand information about the eradication process.

Bed Bugs Exterminator Bronx is a 24/7 company with a wide net work of offices spread out across the state. Separate teams are posted all over the state armed with the latest equipments and eco friendly pesticides so that they can reach the customers' premises in the shortest possible time as soon as they get a green signal from the logistic department. The manager of the implementation team makes sure that all necessary care is taken which applying the treatment so that the members of the house and their pets are not affected. Operating from the heart of New York City, Exterminator Westchester has earned a name as the most efficient, professional and affordable company which in the course of time become a household name. Our efficiency in maintaining the fastest call response time has also earned us a good reputation. This has happened only due to the dedication, teamwork and coordination of various departments who are committed in the eradication of bed bugs. Our endless list of customers says it all and referral business from them have taken our firm to new heights and put us in the number one position in this industry.