The Demolition Scenario: How To Deal With It Effectively

Demolition is particularly referred to as the act or the specific process of wrecking or destroying, especially it can mean the destruction made by the use of explosives. We can also say that the meaning of the demolition or the scenario of demolition is actually the tearing-down of building and other structures. It should be note here that the demolition differs from the deconstruction. The deconstruction means to take a building apart while making sure there is no harm being done to the valuable elements as they are to be preserved for the re-use.

Well, if we talk about small buildings, such as the houses, that are only two or three stories high, demolition seems to be a rather simpler process. For that purpose, the building is pulled down, either by the manual means or mechanically by the employment of the large hydraulic equipment which mainly consists of elevated work platforms, excavators, cranes or the bulldozers. Thus, for a small building, it seems to be very simple to demolish it using certain techniques.

When dealing with the large buildings, the demolition phenomenon  may require the use of a wrecking ball. A wrecking ball is actually a heavy weight that is swung by a crane directed towards the side of the buildings. Though wrecking balls are especially effective against the masonry, but the demerit is that it is less easily controlled and oftenly it is less effective as compared to the other methods. In order to bring ease, now the use of the wrecking balls has been replaced by the newer methods which mainly consist of the use of the rotational hydraulic shears and the silenced rock breakers which are attached to the excavators in order to cut or break through wood, steel and concrete. The use of the shears is especially common when the flame cutting is found to be dangerous.

If we take a look at the history of demolition then we come to know that the tallest building that has been demolished by the non terrorist methods uptil now, was the 47-story building named the Singer Building. It was located in the New York City. The building had been built in 1908 and was torn down in 1967-68. It was replaced by the One Liberty Plaza. The scenario of demolition is not as simple as it looks like. Actually, it is very important to make sure the removal of hazardous or the regulated materials, obtaining necessary permits, disconnecting utilities, submitting necessary notifications, rodent baiting, and development of site-specific safety and work plans before performing any sort of the demolition activity.

In some cases, the loaders or the bulldozers may also be employed for the demolition of a building. The bulldozers are generally equipped with the rakes, rakes are the thick pieces of steel that could be an I-beam or tube and are used to ram the building walls. Now, the world has advanced much and in the field of demolition, one of the Japanese companies has completely changed the scenario of the demolition of the buildings. The method involves the use of the computer controlled hydraulic jacks which support the bottom floor as the sustaining columns are removed. The floor is lowered. Then, this process is repeated for each floor.